We are a Bavarian music group that set out on our common journey in 2009 and can now look back on many fantastic national and international performances. Each of us play several instruments depending on the musical style we are to perform. So, would you like to feel the original and unique sound of Bavaria with which people all over the world fall in love? Acknowledging our musical roots, we play traditional Bavarian folk music for you with two Styrian Harmonicas and a Euphonium as well as our own compositions.

Moreover, we have a wide range of German and international hits in our repertoire that we perform with accordion, guitar and double bass. Most of these songs are from the 40’s and 50’s, but we also have newer ones as well. So, there is definitely something for everyone! With only 3 band members, we are quite flexible and are able to perform both in small and large venues – such as birthday parties, weddings, Bavarian evenings or company events. We also have our own PA system that can be brought along for larger events.

And… if you would like to learn what our name „Reiwas“ means, come along to one of our gigs and let’s have a chat! Then we can tell you the entire story!


we play all of our songs by heart, so we can leave our seats and go through the audience in order to optimize our performance?



Veronika der Lenz ist da

Hallo kleines Fräulein

Champs Èlysèes

Folsom Prison Blues

Lady Madonna

Return to Sender

Buona Sera

Fitting to the occasion, we have everyone’s favorites and some „oldies“ in our packs!

Starting from German-speaking artists such as Comedian Harmonist, STS, Django 3000 and Seiler&Speer our musical journey continues on to international classics from, for example, Elvis or The Beatles.

Music Requests – As we are a small 3 man band, we are flexible and, if possible, gladly accept your wish for special melodies.


folk music

Fresh, fun, cozy.
The Bavarian word „Griabig“ describes this – it just does not have an equivalent in English! The closest could be: „comfy“!! We can offer themes from regional specialties to cozy cabin highlights.


Dem Land Tirol die Treue

Böhmischer Traum

new folk music
for example from Herbert Pixner:

Leckmicha Marsch

Augenstern Walzer

French Kiss Reloaded




Here you can contact us for a booking request

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Josef Steinbacher
Probststraße 20
83677 Reichersbeuern

+49 157 75 17 36 97
+49 8041 725 03

Andreas Winkler Josef Steinbacher Katrin Auer Leonhard Schwarz

Andreas Winkler

Josef Steinbacher

Katrin Auer

Leonhard Schwarz